Posted by greenhornet | 11-06-2018 @ 06:41 PM | 10,062 Views
Hello everybody. Well I have been trying to get ahold of Aerobeez and I am having no luck. I have called several times and emailed also a few times and cant seem to get ahold of them. Is anybody having the same problem? I have 2 of there planes and they fly great. They just seem to be not around, Thanks Darrell
Posted by HSD Frank | 11-05-2018 @ 09:18 PM | 10,225 Views
Hi my friends, this is HSD (China factory) official sales contact: [email protected] ; [email protected]. If there is any questions or any requirement, pls do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.
Posted by HSD Frank | 11-05-2018 @ 08:47 PM | 9,947 Views
Congratulations to HSDJETS on its success at AMA Fair.
Any questions, pls contact with official sales email of HSDJETS: [email protected]; [email protected]. Thanks.
Posted by 2011flyingfool22 | 09-08-2018 @ 07:45 AM | 15,162 Views
Now that Solartex is out of business and no longer available what is an equally good substitute ??? I'm talking about a fabric look, prefinished covering with the same ease of application that we've learned to expect with Solartex. I've never seen ANYTHING that's as easy to apply around wing tips and other difficult applications.
Posted by PickeringRc | 09-07-2018 @ 07:53 AM | 13,765 Views
Hey everyone! And welcome to my Bio page here at Flying Giants!

It has been a long time since I posted here, but am back now and hope to interact with you all!

For those who know don't know me, I am Martin Pickering from Spain. I have been fortunate enough to win the Spanish National Championships numerous times, and currently spend my time travelling to airshows all over the world.

Recent events have included Brazil, USA, India, China, South Africa and of course mostly all or Europe!

I am lucky to be sponsored by the brands that I would choose anyway, and love sharing with everyone my adventures be it at an airshow, club day, hangar antics or just a weekend flying session.

Check out my YouTube channel to see exactly what I am talking about, you may be surprised at the crazy stuff my friends and I get up to!

Whether its flying giant model through a barn, inside a hangar full of million dollar helicopters or generally just flying low, let me know what you think!


Martin Pickering
Posted by Muddigger63 | 09-02-2018 @ 03:50 PM | 12,926 Views
I have acquired this 100cc airplane in a trade and need a manual for it. I have searched the internet and cant figure out who makes it any help is appreciated.
Posted by pittsartist | 09-02-2018 @ 02:25 PM | 13,077 Views
I thought I'd share a quick video taken just before the monsoon started on Sunday morning. This is a coaching flight over Cranwell, the video is my usual headset mounted camera, but the "voice" is that of the coach - who is on the ground 150m back from the main runway at centre box.

He is recording into an android phone, at the end of the flight he emails me the commentary and by the time i've landed and shut down its there on my iphone for a post flight debrief. When I get home I simply match the "wing rocks" comment to the video and make the film in the link below. Standard practice for the top French coaches apparently.

I'm posting here because I'd never heard of this technique in my R/C aerobatics days - if you can find a the right person to watch your flights and record their thoughts it seems like a really good way to raise your game. (PS - having a thick skin also helps )

Here's the film - there's a password "pba"

Posted by Mrfoambuilder | 08-31-2018 @ 02:32 PM | 12,571 Views
I am just now getting into the large Gas planes, and have already made a purchase here. Thanks to Don for his help. I have been flying RC fror more than 59 years, and flew Pattern in My younger days. THEN, the youngsters came along and whoooped me good, and I quit. I fly for fun now and it is a lot less stressful. My wife has also been flying for the same 59 years, and has a nice stable of planes, with no less than an 8' Sr. Telemaster. I just purchased a 91" EF Laser, and will be building as funds allow. I do fly 3C, Crash Crush, and Crumble, and I do a good job of it. Good to be a part of a nice bunch of Guys and Gals. Roy AMA 8045/CD ps: This is an aerial shot of our new field here. 485X50', and 300X50' runways. The boxcar and shade are up, but no pics here yet.
Plane is ready for final inspection, final tweaking, and a dose of confidence. LOL
Posted by Ethan Ater | 08-24-2018 @ 10:23 AM | 13,015 Views
Now available at Twistedhobbys! The VA full fuse EPP extra 330sc offers a beautiful, scale look which is hard to achieve with EPP. Great for anyone looking for a durable epp scale airplane that dominates in sport aerobatics and mild low and slow 3D!

plane was flown with the matching power combo available at TwistedHobbys.com

VA-Models 41 inch Extra 330sc RC Airplane (3 min 12 sec)

Posted by IMAC Nut | 08-20-2018 @ 09:47 PM | 12,769 Views
Evening all. I recently retired and moved to western Kansas and looking for someone to fly Imac with. PM me for details.
Posted by Ethan Ater | 08-14-2018 @ 11:14 AM | 12,467 Views

Well since everyone is doing the “In My Feelings Challenge”, I couldn’t help but try it myself... except this one is a little different. 😉

Shoutout to Kyle Dahl and Mirko Cesena for the idea!

Tag a Kiki friend

Kiki Challenge with RC Helicopter (0 min 44 sec)

Posted by pittsartist | 08-14-2018 @ 04:12 AM | 12,281 Views
A short video of the lunchtime entertainment at my local R/C club's annual F3A event. It's a pleasure to do this - my father was one of the founder members in 1959 and I've been flying R/C with them since I was 5 years old.

The R/C field is the one with a row of cars parked along the lane next to is and a green pop up gazebo. Hopefully you can see from the vid just how hard it is to begin and then fly the sequence in the right place.

Free Known Practice 2018. Pitts S1-S (4 min 1 sec)

Posted by rolling circle | 08-09-2018 @ 03:26 PM | 12,181 Views
Cody did it again... this little tri plane is sick. Flies 3D, has good wheels, floats well... Its a winning setup once again

The Lil Fokker Vid (4 min 9 sec)

Posted by PilotoX | 08-06-2018 @ 11:26 PM | 11,304 Views
Electric Powered Model Airplane RC Microlight Weight Shift Control by Robotic Fully Articulated Pilot. Video compilation of test flights done with an older MIA Micro-FLIGHT EZ™ Trike blue wing and MIA Robo™pilot figure mechanics, and, as recently finished, with new white and black wing and full pilot mechanics and detailed body.

RC Microlights:

RC Microlight Model Airplane Weight Shift Direct Control by Robotic Pilot (1 min 49 sec)

Posted by PilotoX | 07-27-2018 @ 05:33 PM | 12,047 Views
2018 Version fo the original MIA Robo™ Pilot figure included with the 52" wing span MIA Robo™ Tikes, but enhanced with additional articulation for the 60" wing span MIA EZ™ Trikes, 1.25 size.

Category: Pilot Figures
Type: MIA 1.25 Size “Custom” Robotic -Full Articulation
Construction: Bolt-On Kit
Tools required: Small Phillips screwdriver
Assembly Time: One evening, depends on user skill
Materials: 3D Printed Parts,Molded Plastic, with Steel Hardware
Control Type: Robotic via RC Servos with Proprietary MIA Robo™ Pilot Geometry
Body Color Options: Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Black, White

Height: 14″
Weight: 10 Oz.

Includes: MG Servos

Requires: MIA EZ™ Trike 1.25 Size RC Microlight

Posted by Ethan Ater | 07-26-2018 @ 11:31 AM | 12,004 Views
Always relaxing to fly the Mikado Logo 690SX on low headspeed with a single 6s battery.

Around 1100 RPM's on this setup. Safe to say that this heli is ready for IRCHA 2018!

Mikado Logo 690SX Low Headspeed (3 min 34 sec)

Posted by PilotoX | 07-24-2018 @ 06:53 PM | 11,014 Views
When was the last time you tried an RC model that was:
  • Nearly indestructible
  • Engulfed you in a new rc model flying experience
  • Gave you a rush of excitement
  • Satisfied your rc flying senses
  • Placed you as the focal point at your local flying field?
If you haven't, look into some of the models I design and offer, they do exactly that.

RC Microlight MIA EZ™ 1. 25 Trike An First of a Kind MIA Invention Revised for 2017 (8 min 15 sec)

I design and offer in bolt-on kit form "true weight-shift controlled" rc microlight models,
as well as the more traditional 3-axis ( Elevator, Rudder Aileron) scale model aircraft.

What makes my designs stand out is, not only their unique form of control, as used on my rc microlights,
but the way I use materials and design the structures.

They are:
  • Well Thought Out
  • Meticulously Engineered
  • Clean, Refined Design
  • Ultra Light-weight
  • Durable and Crashproof
  • Efficient and High Performing
  • Realistic
  • A Great Platform for Aerial Photography and FPV
... and they typical raise eyebrows, especially when they appear in areas that people fly the more typical rc aircraft.

Let me introduce my latest designs and a bit about myself: