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Posted by Irish Mike | 12-06-2019 @ 09:07 PM | 4,435 Views
Hello Spdstr280Z, are you still out there? Some of your photos were very helpful. I hope you still have your old plans. Can anyone out there help me get a copy of sheet plans for the Lanier EXTRA 300s 25% RC model aircraft? I bought a kit at a swap meet but it was missing the plans. Other wise the kit was complete including the instruction set. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Posted by Irish Mike | 11-21-2019 @ 11:39 PM | 1,931 Views
I bought a Lanier 300s 25% at a swap meet a year ago but no plans were included. Any chance you may have a lead on where I might get a set? All the parts seem complete or available except for the plans. Your discussion of the plastic parts are interesting. By now you should be in the air; any word on how the plane flies? Irish Mike