Posted by rappid rich | 01-10-2011 @ 02:10 PM | 8,409 Views
lots of problems with 7950 servos but not many with the 7954sh anybody useing them?
Posted by scamair | 01-10-2011 @ 12:27 AM | 7,222 Views
http://s977.photobucket.com/albums/a...camehorncraig/ here are some pictures my my shop and projects!!!!
Posted by tradoux | 01-09-2011 @ 12:09 PM | 7,607 Views
Posted by ChickenHawkA320 | 01-08-2011 @ 09:12 PM | 10,664 Views
Posted by 50%plane | 01-08-2011 @ 11:46 AM | 21,774 Views
For the past couple months, I have been studying 80% of my free time... I am so ready to get this stuff over with so that I can fly again... The study material is work related, and I am familiar with most of it... I should score well on the test at this point, but I have to be able to regurgitate it word for word before I can take the test....

My planes are waiting for some air time.... I got out last weekend, but the weather was a bit cold, and I really didn't feel like throwing down to hard... hopefully I'll get a high score on the test, then the heavens will open up, the weather will get warm once again (Danm you Al Gore!)

oh well, my 5 minute break is up.... back at it...
Posted by Doc Austin | 01-07-2011 @ 12:20 AM | 8,620 Views
Please check out my expanded blog here:

Posted by danaman | 01-05-2011 @ 07:04 PM | 9,304 Views
Links updated 2/24

NPRM: In the rulemaking process: http://www.reginfo.gov/public/do/eAg...&RIN=2120-AJ60

Operation and Certification of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)

Popular Title:Small Unmanned Aircraft
RIN 2120-AJ60
Stage: NPRM
Previous Stage:None
Abstract: This rulemaking would enable small unmanned aircraft to safely operate in limited portions of the national airspace system (NAS). This action is necessary because it addresses the novel legal or policy issues about the minimum safety parameters for operating recreational remote control model and toy aircraft in the NAS. The intended effect of this action is to develop requirements and standards to ensure that risks are adequately mitigated, such that safety is maintained for the entire aviation community. http://regs.dot.gov/rulemakings/201102/report.htm#15

The AMA's Government Relations website:


AMA Works to Amend Reauthorization Bill Providing Relief for Model Aviation from sUAS Rules

The SFAR Part 107 Shades of Things to Come…
Posted by fordfnatic | 01-05-2011 @ 03:51 PM | 7,364 Views
Hi Everyone

My name is Ryan I am the president of the Yakima Valley Aero Modelers in Zillah , Wa. We will be hosting our first event of 2011 in April 29th -May 1st our Spring Big Birds. It was origanally a big bird event but is now a fly what you bring.All aircraft welcome including helis. You can get all the info on our website @ YVAM.com. There are lots of great people and alot of fun hope to see some new faces this year. Rv and camping avail first come first serve basis but always have had room.

See ya there
Posted by lachlan.j | 01-04-2011 @ 06:16 AM | 10,313 Views
Hi Guys

Can any spectrum recevers run on 7.4 volts. I'm using a spectrum dx 7 remote and might run the hitec HS-7940TH servo in my new mx2 30cc. If not what recever can I use. ever that or I'll use the new futaba brushless servos.

Thanks Lachlan.
Posted by Terry A Treat | 01-03-2011 @ 01:18 PM | 6,719 Views
Hello fellow pilots and builders, Im new to the giants, but from what I see I know I will enjoy it. Thanks,
Posted by lachlan.j | 01-02-2011 @ 05:35 AM | 10,737 Views
hey guys

just wondering if any one has any thoughts on the new futaba brushless servos thinking about using them in my knew 30cc MX2.

thanks Lachlan
Posted by trout | 01-01-2011 @ 05:57 PM | 8,984 Views
I don't post much and I build more then I fly. my resolution this year,get out of the shop and fly!
Posted by danaman | 12-31-2010 @ 07:28 PM | 9,268 Views
9S 26% Sbach 342 - "Maidened" on snow skis, the "SKIbach!"
8S 70" EF Extra 300 EXP - My favorite when too windy to enjoy the Slick.
8S 71" 3DHS AJ Slick - My favorite when its not windy (about half the time)!
6S 62" 3DHS Osiris - Awesome pattern and windy day plane.
6S 59" 3DHS AJ Slick - My Orange Crush!
6S 58" PA Extra MX - Can fly this one all day in calm conditions.
6S 57" H9 F4U-1D Corsair - My first warbird since getting back into RC
6S 55" BG Yak-55m - Maidened on skis winter 2011, now with wheels. Kewl!
4S 50" GP Eagle 580 (CAP 232) - Insane great tumbling 3D fun!
4S 50" GP Sequence - My second ship after trainer and still practice with it.
3S 48" Ef Bonanza 25e - Flaps, electric retracts, nice but not for everyday.
3S 45" Hyperion Yak-55m - Winter project still not done yet LOL.
4S 35" Squall HP EDF - The most versatile and capable EDF I've seen fly yet.
3S 102" Cularis RR - First full-house sailplane.
2S 71" Easy Glider Pro - Still learning about thermal soaring with this one.
3S Flying Wing - Our club's standard "combat" wing, LOL! Lot's of fun!
Posted by GMoney | 12-30-2010 @ 01:01 PM | 14,987 Views
Ok, I HATE cats, they are awful animals that do nothing but eat, **** and sleep. So the problem I have is my wife is SMOKIN HOT. So I really can't ever say no and if I do she pulls out that magic card and bam. I go stupid and agree to any and all terms. So I have to date 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 turtles and one rabbit. I was promised at all points that I would never ever smell the cat litter box, pick up dog ****, see a green tank or have to clean the rabbit cage.. To date, I smell the cat box daily, pick up dog **** daily clean rabbit cage daily and clean turtle tank weekly, I also take all animals to the vet, buy there food and take them for walks..

So the cats in recent weeks have developed a pattern, about the time I get ready to go to bed one of the lovely fur balls drops a turd. Great ever fall to sleep with the smell of cat **** under your nose? So, I finally get to sleep and just about 40 minutes before I have to get up BAM other little fur ball dumps no need for an alarm clock when you have CAT **** to wake you up.. I freakin loose it this morning its been building and the wife has been dodging my attempts (using magic get out of trouble card each time) and her solution is for ME to build a cage of sorts on the exterior of the house with a small dog door so the cats can go outside and do there thing with the box outside.

Jeez, I say NO to the 85lb German Shepard and I say NO to 85lb dog sleeping in my bed her solution for me to build a dog house. (I do) dog is NO dummy where you going to sleep in bed where its warm or outside where its cold? So, I say NO both times to the cats and again this morning after feeding the cats, dogs, turtles and rabbit I get this new cage idea.. Somebody just shoot me...


I now know why Ricky and Lucy slept in separate beds.. Damn pussy can ruin a mans life...
Posted by FG-Tech | 12-29-2010 @ 02:01 PM | 13,296 Views
To find the page where the old "Subscribed Threads" link in the menu used to take you:

1. Click on My FlyingGiants in the menu.
2. Click on "view all Subscribed Threads" link which is just in the bottom right of the New Subscribed Threads section or you can click on List Subscriptions in the column on the left side.

Posted by AvatarQ8 | 12-28-2010 @ 03:14 PM | 7,499 Views
am starting my gas planes path so soon. i bought two planes, Red Wing mx2 30cc and aeroworks Yak 54 50cc. got everything for my mx2 but not a lot for the yak. need servos batteries and switches still did not decide the build i want to go with the yak i only bought an engine which is DLE 55
Posted by 50%plane | 12-26-2010 @ 08:16 PM | 23,112 Views
2010 is just about done. It's been a great year! Worked hard the first half of the year. Went to Joe Nall for a couple days, Went to Vegas for a couple weeks. Moved to California. Got promoted in my job. Met some new friends. Went to the Cali Huckfest. Started flying shankbones. Expanded my hanger enough to make up for some of the planes I have given away. Won the Yak at the Huckfest. Bought my first house. Bought a trailer. Learning many new and exciting things at work. Totally different systems than what I'm used to. Enjoying no threat of snow. etc... just to name a few things.

Overall, it's been a great year! The only downside is all of my family and most of my friends are 3,000 miles away.(also my truck!) Really sucks during this holiday season.... That and not being able to go to work.

Time to decide what my goals are for 2011. I'm just about done with work-related learning, so I hope to finish my associates degree. Just a few more classes to go... Then start on my bachelors.... I would like to take another job-related trip overseas, or two...

As for planes, my hanger is just about good to go for now, I just need to get out there and burn some more gas(and electrons) this year!

It would be nice to make some more friends. Life's kindda boring here.. It seems that everyone here is not as friendly as I'm used to...
Posted by theKM | 12-26-2010 @ 01:42 PM | 16,290 Views
Christmas was a wonderful day. With some light snow falling and not too much wind... break out the Roo! ('Roo' is my 87" 3DHS Extra 300SHP, re-covered in my own scheme with boxing kangaroo pilot). Nothing caps off a great day like being able to get out for some flying.

Just general nonsense, all fun. Caught some of it with the hatcam, it's in HD for those with the bandwidth....

Christmas Roo - 3DHS 87" Extra 300SHP (7 min 34 sec)

Posted by 50%plane | 12-25-2010 @ 12:27 PM | 23,070 Views
this is a rant. don't read any further.

I hate this time of year. Such a bloated reincarnation of what it used to be. Most of us feel entitled to receive something, yet complain about spending money and giving... I truly wish everyone the best, but why should we treat anyone any different than the rest of the year? The only holiday cheer that I see are the stores that are making a profit from manufacturing a fake holiday, or twelve.

The only holiday that I really enjoy, anymore, is Thanksgiving, when there's lots of family and food. Everything else, is just an excuse to spend ridiculous amounts on your kids... Whatever happened to giving a kid a nice shotgun, 'cause they deserved after all the hard work they did around the house this year? Instead, kids are lazy, have a foul attitude, yet parents feel like they have to give them thousands of dollars worth of PS3's, and the like for the sole purpose of "Santa"...

Oh yea, there's no such thing as a fat man that flys around on Christmas eve, in his reindeer powered sleigh giving toys to little boys and girls. Why do parents feel the need to lie to their kids like that.... sets a bad example...

just my rant for this season. back to living my boring life... stupid rain needs to leave so I can finally go and get some more flying in...
Posted by GMoney | 12-22-2010 @ 04:17 PM | 16,465 Views
Ah, man I am 100% addicted to this thing. I love my Ipod but after awhile its still the same couple thousand songs in the same order. Man I hit this and typed in "Southern rock" over a month ago and I have yet to hear a song I didn't like. I just wish I could get it piped out to my shop and into the truck and out to the flying field. I am listening as I type and man what a great song. I guess I should get one of those new I phones and grab the app. This one place could get me to pull the trigger on a new phone..I was talking to my dad a couple weeks ago and he asked me what I was listening too and I told him Pandora. He checked it out and today on my way home he called me and he couldn't believe the music stuff he had not heard in years mixed with stuff he had never heard.. Best part he finally had to agree "Kid Rock" is not only caring the rock flag but the guy has some serious style and can rock the freakin house. I had to laugh cuz he would always bust my balls in the shop about what real music is.. Ah, I guess I have him now..

Enjoy Pandora..

"You never met a mother fucker like me"