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I just wanted to add another picture of how these tundra tires look like....really huge....i will not inflate them more than the original air they came with due to extra bouncing when landing...
Posted by felisanchez1978 | 09-23-2020 @ 06:07 PM | 3,783 Views
A little bit of a mess with cables and also i will install some monokote-covered cardboard pieces in the back so i can hide cables and servos
Posted by felisanchez1978 | 09-23-2020 @ 06:05 PM | 3,463 Views
Scale lights positions, i made a light casing for installing the nav and strobes...not finished yet though...also the beacon underneath the plane can be seen
Posted by felisanchez1978 | 09-23-2020 @ 06:03 PM | 2,258 Views
Posted by felisanchez1978 | 09-23-2020 @ 07:00 AM | 2,242 Views
I decided to install the CDI on a side of the front of the fuselage using double-sided tape....i will be securing it later on when all the set up is finished
Posted by felisanchez1978 | 09-22-2020 @ 03:13 PM | 2,186 Views
Installed struts but have not tried to attach them to fuselage yet
Posted by felisanchez1978 | 09-22-2020 @ 03:11 PM | 1,841 Views
I decided to install the tachometer in the panel of the plane to make it look like a GPS jaja...the battery compartment will be hidden to make it look more scale
Posted by felisanchez1978 | 09-22-2020 @ 03:09 PM | 1,657 Views
Assembled and changed the color of the elevator and part of the rudder just to make it look different from other Cubs...hope you guys find it interesting
Posted by felisanchez1978 | 09-22-2020 @ 02:31 PM | 1,576 Views
Posted by felisanchez1978 | 09-22-2020 @ 01:32 PM | 1,369 Views
HI There

i just got my carbon cub and i am planning to get her as scale as possible.

first pics
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use to be red and white scheme redid entire air frame and recover.
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my dream plane.

SHHHHHHH. DO not tell my boss........


I was able to arrange for the Old Dominion to not deliver to my house. Instead, I went and picked it up and then unloaded it when the boss went out to do some shopping.

This is what you get when you order the airplane:

very well packaged and two boxes.

One box is 82" long. this is the one that has the fuselage.

the other box has the wings.

The quality of the packing is very good and no damage.
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Okay been flying 3d for 15 months, on my sixth plane
3rd PAU
Skywing Edge 60 inch
Pilot Extra 330sc
Aj Lazer

..been a hell of a journey this 3d flying...

The Plane specs
60 inch PAU supplied by CARF
Castle Talon 90 ESC
MKS HV 9767 Servos
Scorpion 540 kv 4020
4000 mAh nanotech LIPOS
Extra large 4 inch foam wheels for taking of on long wet grass fitted with pants...
16 x 7 Xoar prop or 15 x 8 prop
Has much rudder and elevator throw as I could make possible
The castle talon suffers from the connectors coming loose mid flight so I ended up using small silicone wire extension piece to allow a degree of flex and also found covering the connectors once installed with a strong silicone adhesive...this has been great, no disconnections since!!

What Expo's do folk use ?
I'm just in process of setting up a spektrum flight pack energy sensor, I've installed like the photo, had to resolder the negative wire 90 degrees and reroute through the box for a neat install...just waiting to receive a 12 inch long x-bus wire and I'll be good to go...
I'll also need to use some valuable Log file data to record what's the best landing flight pack mAh capacity to set the Low audible voice alerts...

A interesting side note..
I had a major near total loss crash after updating my DX9 to 2.06 software...
and had a email of SPEKTRUM a week later regarding the very update..
They said this...

Attention Spektrum owner,
Our records show that you recently updated your Spektrum DX radio to version 2.06. We are reaching out to make you aware of a potential issue with this recent update.
If using the Forward Programming feature with a AS3X/Safe stabilized systems including the AR637T, AR637TA and AR630 receivers, the AS3000 plug in module or the 6250HX helicopter flight controllers, in some cases incorrect stabilized control corrections can occur. If you updated to version 2.06 on your DX transmitters and use one of the above AS3X systems, we strongly encourage you login to your account and update to version 2.07.
We're sorry for any inconvenience. If you have questions, comments or concerns please feel free to message us directly via our support staff at

I do you use an AR637T Recieiver with forward programming too and it was great but I must admit since that update I ended up flying better with it off in really high winds which was unusual but I put it down to me being a relative novice at 3d...15 months and I can with some authority do rolling harriers so not to novice...but I still thought it's me.

Anyhow after a major crash maybe due to the operator but definitely not helped with the stabilizer from gyro being off!!..due to it not operating as normal.

Anyhow I mended the plane and went out again with stabilizer on only to find I was struggling to get it dialed in I even thought centre of gravity was off and changed all my expo settings and rates WHAT THE HECK???
and eventually had a another small crash creased the wing !!!!��

Up and till the update on the DX9 everything was great flew everyday at least 7 packs for the last month, so after receiving the above email it doesn't surprise me one bit...

What if any have any of you experienced with DX9 and the 2.06 software...???
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