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Posted by naldin | 06-26-2009 @ 10:15 AM | 3,529 Views
This video was recorded in the 4th Meeting Mineiro of the Electric Airmodels in the 2009/04/04 and it was forgotten in my PC. The streams were the combat that happened at the event.

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Posted by naldin | 06-25-2009 @ 10:02 AM | 3,564 Views
My friend Pengo learning to fly with Extra 330 3D - 3DBatix. In the end of video he said: "Now Landing".

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Posted by naldin | 06-08-2009 @ 11:54 PM | 3,970 Views
For long time we fly the Extra 330 3D of 3DBatix, one great 3D plane for outdoor fly and low cost. It is easy fly, where can learning to fly, but the best way is the 3D fly and training 3D maneuvers. After a hundred fly and 3D training , we arrived at a point where the model was for back, we needed more, it could't do with ease advanced maneuvers. Then studying a little and crash the head(and planes) and arrived one new project over the same. The bigger difference this new project was the increase control surface, with that we win in maneuvers in the small air space. Other important item was the SFG(Side Force Generator), essential for this new model, where was improvement in the roll(and variants) and logical the knife edge. The other detail was the lock the tail and wing with fiber glass and so avoid torsion the tail, and buckling the wing. In the link we apply the pull-pull system in the rudder and elevator, but the best difference was in the rudder, the elevator had the little difference. Below some details:

* Rudder increased 1cm in the external 3 sides.
* Elevator increased internal area.
* Fuselage(vertical piece) increased 1cm below.
* Tips the aileron entering for wing.
* Added SFG in the wing.
* Used fiber glass for locked the elevator and wing.
* Used pull-pull system in the elevator and rudder

The download plan HERE .

The video:
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