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Posted by naldin | 02-03-2010 @ 10:45 PM | 4,175 Views
And now is female. After a salad of parts, assembled a Piper and gifts Marcele, Ronaldinho's sister and girlfriend's Bila. She already trained on the simulator and don't had some difficulties in piloting.
Posted by naldin | 02-01-2010 @ 10:37 PM | 3,978 Views
I Build more a Yak 55M, but this came with some modifications that I think have improved the plane. And I suggest that is implanted in the assembly design of the next aircraft.

1 - One problem the project has always been the weakness of the landing gear. The depron bar has been removed (always breaks even), and was assigned a new lock of the landing and anchored in the same point in support of the wings. And in tests (forced landings or controlled falls)the landing gear resisted good. And finally, although not shown in these photos were also taken from the leggings, are cool but do not last long.

2 - The ailerons and wings were cut in one piece, so as to prevent the ailerons paste off over time. We should mark (draw) the aileron on the wing. V-Groove should be cut in the position of connection of the wing with the aileron. Sounds complicated to make, but it is very simple, should be done free hand, the knife angled at 45 degrees, and controlling the depth of the blade in depron. To control the depth to make a mark on the blade so that shows how far the tip of the knife to enter the depron. I used a mark of 3mm.

3 - Was placed on the wing plus a small bar of carbon fiber, as was observed in those maneuvers with large deflection and great speed, for example, snaps at speed, there is a deformation on the tip of the wing and aileron. To the tip of the aileron is not given a solution. This change is still in testing. On flights I did I liked the result, but the plane is still very new and very locked. This change is best mesuread over time, when the depron begin to soften.

4 - Finally the use of steel guitar/piano wire of 0.5 mm or stell wire fishing for the pull pull rudder. Being an extremely hard wire, a single ply locked with a shrink or steel tube, to solve your installation, which makes a very good solution to the assembly very simple.

Below some more pictures of the painting.