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My last paint.
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The first upgrade was a litium battery, with this battery Im getting between 6 at 8 flights without recharge. Not, I not make change on radio, as insert diode for drop voltage, I just plug the battery. Any voltage regulator, included SMD, support around 35v and will not burn with 12,6V. For drop voltage I just keep an eye on the display and when the voltage drope 11V its time for recharge again. For safety battery, I will not let down 10V.

Battery 2500mA:

The second upgrade was a Corona 2.4Ghz module. The set module + RX 8CH and RX 4CH was $40, great price and equipament. The installation on the 7C is very simple for those who have some knowledge electronics, in this radio the 72Mhx module is the separate board. Simply open the three wire coming the mother board where we have the PPM signal and voltage. I put one switch for change between 72Mhz and 2.4Ghz.

Module + RX 8CH: