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Posted by mikeybondo | 04-29-2014 @ 09:13 PM | 15,399 Views
I sheared off all 6 stock bolts on a flight with my new Aeroworks ultimate BiPlane. I was using a carbon fiber 28.5 x 12 mejzlic 3 blade smecter profile prop and cf spinner and backing plate. I pulled up and banked to the right at 3/4 throttle and the motor sounded funny so I throttled back and got it to the ground ok. It was the third flight, so the motor had at most 25 minuets of running. I was told the bolts could of been too loose or to tight and that using a carbon fiber backing plate might have contributed to the bolt failure. I have several cf spinners on my planes and haven't had this problem with the bolts or the spinners used. I have replaced the bolts with 12.9 grade bolts, am going to try the aluminum backing plate. I need to know what torque value works for the bolts on a DLE 170 cc with DLE canisters ?