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Cody Wojcik does it yet again with his newest release and first ever SuperLite series design, the Crack Laser Pro! This plane is by far one of the best Superlite foamie 3d planes on the market. It tracks like it's on rails, has extreme throws, and plenty of power with the recommended power combo. It is a definite must have for the best indoor 3d performance! Thank you TwistedHobbys for the support and thanks to the Lord for His blessings!

Plane and power combo available at TwistedHobbys.com

Enjoy the video!

Twisted Hobbys Crack Laser Pro (2 min 58 sec)

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P FOAMY (4 min 51 sec)

Posted by Xpress.. | 07-10-2017 @ 11:33 AM | 8,905 Views
I've had this airplane for about 2 years now and have grown very fond of it. I've made probably a dozen different changes to its internals to better its performance or improve upon other areas that were not assembled correctly. It has taught me how to really fly 3D with larger airplanes and as such, I refuse to let it die.

I've also managed to crash it probably half a dozen times

I've been fortunate enough to have crashed it in manners where it is rebuildable. This time, I had what I am certain is the engine overheating on me right at the worst possible moment- at the bottom of a waterfall. As I punched full throttle to climb back out the engine decided it had enough and dropped back on me. Truth be told I probably should not have been flying in 95F heat with 95% humidity, everybody was having power loss issues. If you're gonna play with fire you're bound to get burnt at some point.

This blog will document the repairs and changes I make to the airplane from this particular incident. This is what the airplane looked like the day I brought it home. It had roughly 15 flights on it so it was fairly new.

A club member happened to be filming the flight:

Remote control Airplane 107" Stunt Flying and Fail 7-8-2017 (4 min 21 sec)

I know the engine sounds a bit unhealthy but it has ran like this as long as I've owned it. It's really worn out compared to my new DA120.
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I got this plane a while back and it turned out to be a real "head turner." The Edge is equipped with a DA-70 Twin and MKS-777 servos all around.

The plane is new in every respect and has been flown twice to check the CG. It is for sale to a serious flyer.

Note: Sold September 15, 2018
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How to choose the best battery for quadcopter?

Before choosing the battery for your quadcopter, you should know about the flight times, C-rate, Capacity, Average Amp Draw, brands and price of the battery.

For example,

Flight time =(Battery Capacity * Battery Discharge /Average Amp Draw)*60

For calculate your quadcopter flight time, you have to know three factors: Battery Capacity , Battery Discharge and Average Amp Draw

It's a complex process that I high recommend this detail article about How to choose the best battery for quadcopter, After reading it, you will know how to do.

How to keep your drone flying continuously?

There is actually a ton of ways to extend the battery life of your drone without having to insert a new battery unless that's your plan. However, if you want some other options to try, we’ve got them.

  1. Knowing when to charge the battery
  2. Keep an extra battery
  3. Check the weather before you go
  4. Remove your camera
  5. Remove the prop guards
  6. Don’t destroy your battery
  7. The proper voltage

Extending your flight time is easy as pie, and there is a ton of ways to do so. Knowing how to extend the flight time to the full extent of your drone is solely based on your drone, so knowing your drone is very important.
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Hacker a100 and jeti 200a esc also have hacker a200 and jeti 300a esc.
$500 for A100 combo used in 4 10minute filghts on 12s lipo
$1000 for A200 and 300a esc both are brand new
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The Hangar 9 Beast!

My collection is complete with E-flite UMX, e-flite 60e and now the Hangar 9 100.
Posted by rolling circle | 06-22-2017 @ 11:22 AM | 7,478 Views
Hope everyone is doing well. Crack Yak time. Fun little design that never gets old. Super fun and extremely durable. Great for flying in the yard in the summertime or whenever. I did a little customization of my trim scheme. No editing really. It is what it is. Hope you enjoy. Have fun and "Stay Twisted My Friends"

The Black Yak Vid (4 min 36 sec)

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Very low key & relaxed, I made it for a local fishing club that fishes along the side of our runway along with other places along the river Trent.

"The River" (3 min 12 sec)

Hope you like it !
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EME 70 Unboxing!!!! (4 min 57 sec)

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New video of the Twisted Racer Series Mustangs flying on the electric line at Joe Nall 2017, man these planes never get old

Twisted Hobbys Racer Series: Mustangs at Joe Nall 2017 (2 min 19 sec)

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His name is Dietrich Vonburger: Phone: 816-255-4893
Email: [email protected]

Does not ship the item you purchase and he want paypal sent as "friends and family" so the purchaser is not protected.

google the person you are dealing with first!!!
Be surprised what you find.

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There are massive amount of quadcopter brushless motor brands in the market, What factors should you consider when choosing a given quadcopter motor brand? and Which one is the most popular one? Below are listed most brushless motor brands for you.


Cobra brushless motors are designed to offer performance and value for your quadcopter. Built from some high-quality components, they provide top-level performance for years. Featuring an integrated motor shaft, they ensure that prop adapters do not spin off during operation.

FPV model

These are high quality and affordable brushless motors widely used for quadcopters as well as other multirotors. Offering both CW and CCW frame options, they integrate high power N42 magnets and CNC machining.


With a convenient weight, this is a brushless motor brand that offers some of the greatest motors for your quadcopter and other multirotors in the market. With an awesome shaft and exemplary KV rating, perhaps you need to try it out.


This is a high-efficiency brushless motor which offers the best spinning power. Given its weight coupled with its awesome shaft and extra long leads, this is a great quadcopter motor.

LD power.

Designed for FPV drones, this high power and high quality quadcopter motor is engineered with high quality magnets and bearings for an outstanding performance. Brushless in nature, they are not only high quality but also come in a pocket-friendly price. With CNC motor cases, they are quadcopter motors worth trying oiut.


Given their price coupled with a 3S LIPO battery and a diameter of 23mm, this is a quadcopter motor whose performance is unparalelled. With an awesome shaft of 2mm and an awesome weight, this is a product you can trust.


Rapidly gaining a reputation in the quadcopter world, this motor is well designed for your quadcopter as well as multirotor. Brushless in nature, they come with prop spinner and mounts for exemplary performance. With an ability to generate a high thrust of up to 2kg, you can trust them with your large quadcopter.


Xnova is a brand that has been refreshing its wide range of quadcopter motors day in day out. Providing high performance and a quality which is second to none, you can try these quadcopter motors for impressive results.


With an impressive 2300KV and an awesome stator length, this is a quadcopter motor worth trying out. At a pocket-friendly price, this is a motor for anyone looking for a quality product without having to dig deeper into their pockets.


To use these high quality quadcopter motors, all you need to do is use the correct propeller sizes since using wrong propeller size could affect their performance. However, they are an amazing quadcopter motor brand worth your cash.


Providing an impressive performance and a longer flight time, T-motors are the most ideal motors for your quadcopter if you want your quadcopter to stay in the air for a long time. Designed to ensure the least temperature increase which translates to less heating up, they are quite reliable.

Tornado T1

Tornado T1 motor is simply fascinating. With an aweome magnet which provides an impressive electromagnetic power, you can trust them with your quadcopter. In fact Tornado T1 motors are well built for awesome performance.

Lumenier RX

Designed to give top of the line performance for all your RC models, these quadcopters are not just unique but exemplary. They are engineered from ground up to offer reliable power and enough spinning ability for your quadcopter. Given their strong stainless steel shaft, they are what you need.


Storm quadcopter motors are designed to offer the best prop spinning for your quadcopter. And yes, designed to conveniently work with props of different sizes, you can always have them for a quadcopter of any size.


RCX are brushless quadcopter motors which are designed for smaller multirotors and quadcopters. Small yet powerful, they have a capability of running your quadcopter for a considerable amount of time.


Eachine quadcopter motors offer an awesome flight time as well as an amazing performance. In fact, their performance is top-notch and have been able to earn a reputation with most quadcopter manufacturers.


Racerstar are the perfect quadcopter motors for your fast moving quadcopter., With an amazing shaft, their KV rating is exemplary. And yes, the price is pocket-friendly. Try them today for a chance to enjoy amazing performance.


With a long term reputation, hobbywing are quadcopter motors whose track record speaks volunes. Having provided best results for along time, you can trust them as well.

You need to consider below parameters when choosing your quadcopter brushless motor:

1. Voltage.

2. Thrust.

3. Efficiency.

4. Current draw.

5. Response.

6. Props.

7. Vibration.

8. Temperature.

9. Type of magnet.

10. The shaft.

Therefore, What's the best brushless motor for quadcopter? Brushless motors are typically 85–90% efficient or more, higher efficiencies for a brushless electric motor, of up to 96.5%, whereas DC motors with brushgear are typically 75–80% efficient.

Brushless motors are great for several reasons:

1. They have very high power density (in terms of size and weight)

They’re incredibly efficient so they generate very little heat,no wear or contact items (such as brushes) and can spin incredibly fast.

2. It’s very easy to control their speed precisely and adjust it quickly

Power density is incredibly important because on anything that’s flying you want to do everything you can to minimize weight.

3. They’re inexpensive to manufacture

Nobody complains when components are inexpensive.
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I plan on flying my planes at the RC flying field on Sunday. It's a long story but June 4th is a special day on many counts.

I first dreamt of RC flying as a kid. My dad had an old RC plane engine in his workshop and every once in a while he'd put it in the bench vice and we'd run it just because. We never had or flew planes but it was enough to plant a seed in my mind.

Later in life Dad bought a trainer plane for himself, determined to eventually learn. It was built and taxied around the lawn but sadly he passed before it ever took to the skies. I wasn't around to be a part of this.

Fast forward several more years and I took up the hobby. At first, it was just as a way to finish something he started, but I immediately loved it and have been flying RC planes for many years now.

I bought my first giant scale plane in early 2010 and toiled over the details. It was a Hanger 9 Sundowner F1 with a DLE 30cc engine. I could not get it to fly. I had electronics issues, engine issues, etc. On one failed attempt I damaged it while unloading it at the field.

Until June 4th 2010. June 4th is my dads birthday, I was taking the Sundowner to the field and had literally cried that morning asking dad that if he could see me to help get this plane in the air for his birthday.

At the field, that DLE engine fired right up, the plane taxied and took off without hesitation. I flew several times that day without incident (barring tears) and even have a video of it somewhere.

Months later when my sister Anne was visiting, the Sundowner airframe became a casualty of my poor flying skills when an engine stall during takeoff caused too much damage to repair. Amazingly, that very same DLE engine still flies and is in my SBach 342 airframe.

So on Sunday, I'll be flying my RC planes for my dads birthday; for the memory of that first giant scale flight; and for of all those memories of silly things like running a glow engine in a bench vice.