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this guy,tim is his name is one of our younger members. 40 years ago i would have tried the same thing, but old bones don't stitch well. some say we should have left it in the tree as a reminder.
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Anyone have any suggestions on a good light weight paint for a Charger depron foamie plane.

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To Anyone With Patience Enough To Read My Rambles:
Kudos to you!! I never really understood what "blog" stood/stands for. Let me apologize now for completely wasting your time. Get comfortable, crack a beer (or your favorite mind altering substance ) and journey with me for a few moments...

The year was 1983. I just purchased my first house in San Bernardino, CA and I am a nervous wreck. I have a decent job as an Aerospace Engineer (please, do not be impressed...it's only a job...no more important than the toilets I used to scrub at "Roy Rodgers Roast Beef Restaurant" at age 16). My wife(at the time) and I were trying for our first child. We were not successful until we dropped major bucks on the house (go figure)...but, I digress...I received my first piece of snail mail spam that said "Dear Home Owner"...boy, did that ever sound sweet!! It was a mailer from Tower Hobbies. It was August of 1983. I picked up that flyer at least 100 different times and set it back down. I figured there was no way I could afford these "toys" with a young one on the way. Well, I succumbed to internal pressure. I bought an airplane kit for $80.00. I figured as an Areospace Engineer, I could figure out how to assemble the darn thing and make it fly. What I did not count on is all of the support equipment required to assemble, then fly the darn plane...what with the CA glue, flight box stuff...on and on and on...

Well, I was hooked...and six months later I finished the plane...a 63" wing span trainer. It turned out wonderful, if I do say so myself! I was so proud of that "bird". I placed an ad in the local paper to find a club or flight instructor to help me with learning to fly. The last thing I wanted to do was to "break" my new toy! There was a gentleman by the name of "Guy" who responded. Turns out his wife was a babysitter, too. I figured I would have some use for her later

Well, we ventured off to El Mirage dry lake bed, in San Bernardino County, to try out my newly built work of art. In 10-seconds, maybe less, my trainer turned my work of art into a bag of tooth picks. Well, so much for all of his experience...

Fast forward to December of 2007...My new wife gave me a really special Christmas gift. It was a Hobbico NexStar Select RTF. I was so excited!!! I completed the build in like one and half days. Winters in Western PA are a tad rough, so I had to look at my new "bird" for quite some time before getting her in the air. While waiting, I decided to do some internet research on topic...since a lot has changed since 1983! I soon discovered that the FM frequency was out dated, and not desireable. I also discovered that the on board autopilot is/was not a good thing because it teaches/taught new pilots bad habits, like pushing the nose down to land (due to fighting the autopilots tendency to push the nose up to maintain level flight at all times). Since discovering these tidbits of information, I decided to remove the autopilot receiver included with the kit, and install an AR7000 receiver and purchase a JR X9303 2.4 GHz radio. Overkill??? You bet! BUT I am now learning to fly correctly, without the cheater's bad habits. Additionally, I do not have to screw with the frequency board or worry about getting shot out of the sky on an FM frequency due to stray RF or a local idiot (which, in my first trainer's defense, may have been what happened back in 1983).

So, what have I learned? Too much to mention...except for this...join a local club and have an instructor teach you the fine art of flying. It IS the least expsensive road to travel. It also allows you to have more money for your toys. What else? Please have a look at my winter build (Hangar 9 Cap 232G-27%) to understand what I mean. I just completed a Hangar 9 25% Piper Cub PnP, and I have next winter's build in my basement...Matt Chapman 1/3 Scale Cap 580.

I am not sure where this hobby will take me next BUT I can tell you this...it's been one hell of a journey, thus far...and it can only get better from here!

I have a few successful NexStar flights under my belt, and the Cap 232G required zero radio trim to fly straight and true FIRST FLIGHT.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramble...may all of your flights excite you to no end!

Warm Regards,
PS: I apologize now for my horrible spelling.
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Yea another place to type something. Something Ahh Something. oh yea dont take your spad and try and do a flat spin it will end up in the ground. Good Aerobat durable. Now were did i put them rubber bands ahh there they are. lets see put my wing back on clean the dirt out of the carb. ahhhh yes great back in the air i wont do that again lets see a little rudder up elevator level out withthe Aeilerons. No No to much dam dam No No not again in a spiral dive pull out come on come on you can do it WHAAAKKK!!! DAM DAM.
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the next three days might be pretty awesome. i'm leaving shortly to drop my wife off at the airport so she can go on a business trip to vegas. so for the next three days i am home alone, so i'll get to fly and eat bad food and whatever i want. which probably means i might fly once or twice and still eat my veggies. no strippers or raging parties. damn, i'm boring.
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buck's jug
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so, back in december i had tonsils removed in an attempt to sure my sleep apnea. for about a month and a half i had some of the best sleep of my life. then it started going back to the way it was before the surgery. i went to see my surgeon and he suggested a follow-up sleep study to see if there is some other problem that might be causing me to experience apnea again. i did the sleep study about 2 weeks ago and last week i got my results. i had no signs of apnea, but.....they seem to think i might have narcolepsy. how awesome is that? something with no real cure, a lifetime of being tired and not being able to do anything about it. there are medications, stimulants for example. but who wants to experience the constant highs and lows and the possible addiction. anti-depressants are also recommended, bye-bye sex life. the last one is a drug called xyrem, aka GHB, aka the date rape drug. same exact formulation. apparently you can only get directly from the maker, jazz pharma, and it's unlikely that insurance will pay the $1000 a month it costs. but i guess i would make a great date. who knows, maybe i don't actually have it. i still have yo get further testing done.
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i love my precision aerobatics addiction. it is by far one of the absolute best planes i have ever flown. it will do whatever i want it to or at least whatever i can make it do, and then slow down nicely and settle onto the ground right in front of me. i have slammed into the ground on more than one occasion now and other than a cracked wheel pant there is no damage. and, unlike all of the large scale airplanes out there, it fits nicely into the trunk of my honda civic. sorta. i have to put the seats down to fit the rudder.
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I am a new member from Denmark and this is a little test of blogging.
It is about my new model a Pitts S2-A from an kit from Exclusiv Modellbau in Germany.
The quality of the kit is outstanding the parts fit is perfect and it goes together easily if you are used to build.
I have a ZDZ 120cc gas engine with Krumscheid mufflers and a 26x12 Mejzlik 3-bladed propeller on it and it runs great.
The radio gear is Futaba/Emcotec with Hi-Tec Digital servoes.
The plane is completely covered with Oracover which is strong and light,the finished model with one liter of gas weights 17,4 kg.
It is a great flier and when you first have tried this you don`t want small models anymore.
The photos are taken during the first three flights by my wife who also helps me when preparing and cleaning up the plane after the flights.
I have got a pilot for the Pitts it is from Axel Scale Pilots in Germany he is handmade,very realistic and a little masterpiece.
Here are a couple of photos before he goes into the model.

Best Regards Henrik Hammer
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i am fat. out of shape. it sucks. i recently bought a bicycle, a specialized allez triple. it's a nice bike, it's fast. i manged 31mph today, downhill of course. but it is kicking my ass. i have cut my meat eating down to almost virtually zero. practically vegetarian. i don't mind that too much. my wife keeps finding great recipes and i enjoy vegetables. it's also not the bike riding that i hate. i used to ride all the time. about 10 years ago i used to ride a skateboard, a mountainbike, and a roadbike daily. not all at once. usually at least two of them. road at lunch, mountain in the afternoon, and then skating at night. that was 10 years and 60 pounds ago. now i am trying to start biking again. i don't dare try to restart skating due to the fact that i am still recovering from many of those injuries. the main problem is that i think i expect to step on my bike and still be as fast and have the ability to ride 40 miles and i can't. it's a little frustrating having to admit my condition to myself. i see it every time i look in the mirror. but i guess i'm still in denial. but the longer i protect my heart the longer i can fly my airplanes. that's my philosophy, i hope it works.
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Freind of mine wants to get into pattern, anybody know about leo 110 from CMP Has a limited amount of $ .
Posted by metalmike | 06-06-2008 @ 08:37 PM | 3,666 Views
OK, I scrapped the first one. everything was glued crooked and it looked like hell. This time it looks a hell of a lot better and I masked off a design on the wings before painting it. Pretty soon I'll be hovering a mere few dozen feet above the ground.
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so apparently later this year the aptera will be released in california. if you don't don't know the aptera is a new car (sorta) that will be releases as two different models, the type 1e and the type 1he (i think). the 1e is electric that runs on lipo's and gets about 120 miles to a charge, and the 1he is a gas-electric hybrid that gets on average 300 mpg. they accomplish this through aerodynamics. studies have shown that the average car uses 70% of it's energy just moving air out of the way. well the aptera, looking more like an airplane, solves that problem through streamling and a few other neat tricks such as only having three wheels. due to it's weight and the three wheel configuration it's classified as a motorcycle, but because it has three wheels and it's totally enclosed you aren't required to get a motorcycle license or wear a helmet. and it has indy car style safety features, but as of right now it will only do about 85-90mph instead of 200. check it out at www.aptera.com. and it's a lot cheaper then the tesla roadster, although not as fast.
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Donate blood!

I did it today and it's really cool! It'll help save someone's life! AND it will only take a little of your time.

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How do you get maximum throw in a funtana 100X? it dosen't give me as much throw as I would like. my friend has one and he hass a lot more throw for d/r.
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i see so many people who build these amazing 1/4 scale and larger planes from scratch, and here i am trying to tweek some homebuilt 3d foamies. lame. but they're fun as hell. my first one, extra 300, was fun and flew well, but it was too nose heavy and hit the ground wrong upon landing and removed the motor mount. i'm going to build a new one. stronger....faster....less nose heavy. it's fun to fly something that you built from nothing, even if it's as simple as a little foamie. but i still give preference to my PA addiction. best plane ever. let me throw in some props for rcfoam.com. i ordered my foam and carbon strips on a friday afternoon around 3pm and then at 9:30am saturday it was on my porch. and they threw in a sheet 6mm depron for free to go with my 3mm sheets. i think in the next few weeks i am going to download the directions for dave powers' 6mm depron f-117 and start building it. it looks like a fun plane.
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I Would just like to say a great big THANKS!!!! to Andy and his Crew his customer sevice and work surpass DA's Ive never had anyone do such a good job and surpass my expactations. I mean I cant belive its the same motor, They done things that I didnt even ask for such as The cleaning job, new carb links, and scrubed the ports. The engine runs beter than it did when I purchased it
Posted by frankeydoo | 05-28-2008 @ 05:47 AM | 2,581 Views
dose any body now of any 3d vidio gides on the web