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Posted by Jonathan Ott | 03-13-2010 @ 08:17 PM | 11,642 Views
I got a chance to visit Sean D. Tucker's hangar in King City, CA today. Eric, Chelsey, Ian and the man himself, Sean D. Tucker welcomed me and my friend Mike with open arms.

Chelsey showed us around the hangars and out on the ramp, and gave us the opportunity to take as many pics as we wanted.

Sean's Challenger III was there, as well as the new Wolf Pitts Pro from Steve Wolf. The Pitts Pro is esentially what the new Challenger is , but Sean's is getting the royal treatment from Brian, his chief mechanic as well as the others on Team Oracle.

This Pitts Pro is personally owned my Wyche Campbell and right now, is (what some consider)the most high performance bipe in the world...until the Challenger is finished that is. Sean's is the same basic airframe, but has the Tucker touch, such as 8-aileron wings, airfoiled horizontal stab with a carry through spar (flying wires not needed, but Sean has 'em anyway), removable tail (for taking into convention halls for Oracle displays, the new Lycon fire breather that is getting stuffed into the cowl, the radical Hartzell CLAW prop (look at the pics and check out the blade profile...sweet!!!)

I got to fly with Ian in the team's Piper Seneca "Station Wagon" from King City up to Salinas. Ian is a great pilot and although the flight was only 18 minutes, he handled the old girl like the consumate professional. He noted that he rarely flies it "light" or without a bunch of gear in the back. He noted that it handles a little different when it is not loaded to the gills with support gear for the airshow trail.

He greased it in at Salinas in such a way that many airline pilots would envy. Great job Ian, and thanks for the flight.

At the Salinas hangar where the new Challenger is being fitted out, Steve "3DAV8R" met me there and showed me around Sean's new ride. The engine got there last night and is a jewel to say the least. It is a beautiful hunk of machinery. That new CLAW prop that is going to be pullng Sean around is something to see too. Radical blade profile that just screams "THRUST". I can't wait to hear it spinning.

Well, I've rambled on enough, time for pictures.