Macchi C.205 Scratch Build

FlyingGiants member lazun scratch builds an accurate version of this seldom modeled Italian fighter.


Amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail

Scratch building is an art form, there's no denying it. But our very own FG member lazun has taken it to Italian-Renaissance level with an absolutely gorgeous rendition of the Macchi C.205 V. Lazun stated in his build thread that the C.205 is available as an ARF by a few manufacturers, but the scale lines are "horrendous". He set out to recreate this Italian WWII fighter as accurately as possible from a scratch built fuselage and foam core wings he received from Andre Pasquarelli.

I spoke with lazun, who gave me a little back story on how he acquired the scratch built fuselage and went on to add his incredible details. Here's what he told me:

The fiberglass/wood fuselage and foam core wings were scratch build by Andre Pasquarelli. Andre is a blast from the past. He worked with Dave Von Linzaway and Dave Johnson from DA back in the day designing aircraft and engines. Andre still has the original prototype Giles 202 that was designed for the TOC, which then Andreas Giez produced under Fiberclassics. Anyway, the Veltro' fuse and wings sat in his shop for years and he eventually gave it to me to finish up. He said if anyone could do it was me. It's a long story but Yuri Higuchi had flown the prototype and this was the second one that never was finished.

Powered by a Rimfire 65cc brushless motor on 12s (a pair of 6s packs in series), the C.205 has no muffler or engine cooling fins hanging down below it's nose. Most of the aluminum parts are created by hand and on a lathe. Below are a couple of photos of his work, but there's more to be seen on his FG build log. If you want to see this beauty in person, it will be at Joe Nall!

Check out the Macchi C.205 build log here.

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