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Introducing the New Viper Shark DF Jet.

New Product - Introducing the New Viper Shark Jet V2

We here at www.SharkJawToys.com have been working very diligently to produce a high quality product at a low cost. We started out with the Mako Jet. We found the airframe to be second to none on slow flight and agility, unfortunately for us we got the broad end of the stick with poor electronics that were supplied by the factory. We promptly shut down the sales of the Mako Jet via our website due to the safety issues with the Battery and ESC. (Any Mako Jet sold under any other company then ours is a stolen product with many factory defects in the electronics which may cause a fire or serious injury.)

Shark Jaw toys spent 1.5yrs to re-establish ourselves as a reputable company who produces quality products with great customer service, this brought the invent of the Viper Shark Jet.

V1 of the Viper Jet we found similar problems with the battery as we did with the Mako Jet. After much testing we found that the thrust tube was obstructing the flow enough to cause the amperage to be above acceptable. We removed 40mm from the TE of the exhaust tube and gained 4oz of thrust. With this modification we decreased the amperage to 18.2A. The aircraft is flying very well with the additional thrust with no ill results on the supplied battery.

As I stated before we at Shark Jaw Toys have had a goal to set a new industry standard with low cost high quality RC product. With the Viper Shark Jet we have accomplished just that!

The Viper Shark Jet is supplied with the following:
1-1300mah 15c 11.1v lipo
1-25a BL ESC
1-64mm 6 blade ducted fan unit
1-Brushless In runner 18L
1-4ch digital proportional radio
1-1c charge rate 120v wall plug for battery charger
Modulation: FM
WS: 630mm
Length: 665mm
Flying weight with landing gear: 490g

You receive all this with a full manufacture defect warranty.
$129.99 plus shipping
$99.99 minus batt. RX, and TX.

Please check out our website at www.sharkjawtoys.com

If you would like to hear the true story on our misfortune in trying to become a industry leader in low cost RC products please read the following press release.

Thank you,
Chris Mc Nair


'Shortest trip ever' turns long: Businessman finds himself trapped in China
By Daniel Lapham/Staff Writer

When Oklahoma native Robert Carr kissed his wife goodbye to head to China, he promised it would be “the shortest trip ever.”
Ten months later, he was finally released from detainment and constant observation in the industrialized People’s Republic of China.
After serving his country in the military, Carr became a flight instructor at Wiley Post Airport in the mid-1970s. While he would fly, Carr said he was always thinking about things and one day he had an epiphany.
“I was flying over Oklahoma City with a student and we were looking out over the wing,” Carr said. “I started thinking about how much energy was being wasted and how much drag was being created as the wing went through the air.”

Carr explained how lift increases with velocity and mass. He started thinking about designs for wing placement that would create the most possible mass with the least possible drag. That is how he developed the theory behind his patented Internal Wing Aircraft (IWA).
Although the journey from inventor to millionaire may sound easy, Carr’s journey has been anything but, said Carr’s partners and IWA President James B. Brewer.
“Securing the patents alone was difficult enough to be worthy of a doctorate,” he said. “Throughout the research and implementation of IWA products, the continuing patent process has netted eight patents with help from several of our patent attorneys.”
After first developing the idea in 1976, Carr said he has been in front of Congress, NASA and the Air Force, but because of a lack of evidence at the time, no one would fund the project.
“The Air Force just laughed and said it would never fly,” Carr said.

After countless failed attempts at large-scale funding, Carr began to enlist the help of local investors like El Reno’s own Tom Chronister. Brewer, Carr, Chronister and others began to pursue the idea of making toys as a catalyst to build capital that would provide the funding for a larger, manned IWA.
The first step toward creating and marketing a toy gave birth to the IWA Super Glider, Brewer said. When it hit the market, interest began to spike immediately, making it clear that manufacturing the gliders and future products on their own in Oklahoma would not be economically viable, nor could it meet the growing demand for the product.
After losing $300,000 pursuing a contract with a U.S.-based manufacturing company, Brewer said they began to investigate the possibilities of moving production to China.
“If only we knew what we were getting into,” Carr said. “I am truly amazed at how difficult it has been to make a product and keep it my own.”
Taking the road to business in China is one with payoffs at the end, but numerous obstacles along the way that are almost impossible to predict, Brewer said. For starters, there is an intense language barrier that includes more than 10 different dialects, making it extremely difficult to find a translator that can accurately communicate in all of China’s provinces.
“The language barrier is compounded by trying to figure out who you can trust,” Carr said.
Starting out with production of its glider in 1987, IWA Toy Company started gaining notoriety in the toy market and began pursuing production of radio-controlled models, Brewer said.
In the Chinese world of manufacturing, the team quickly found that China is a huge country with many discrepancies involved in the ethics and quality of its factories. Hong Kong is where the industrialization began in China and by now there is a wide variety of quality manufacturers in the “Hong Kong Circle,” Brewer said. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of money and a tested reputation to get into the circle.
Without the appropriate contacts, IWA started its Chinese adventure in the newly developed interior of the country where business ethics are not as developed or civilized, Brewer said.
This is where the problems started, finding out that thousands of “Mako” RC planes were made with inferior electronics that were prone to “spontaneously combust in mid-flight.” Robert Carr went to China to pull IWA’s contract and make a deal with another factory. Due to the intricacies of the Chinese system, the problem quickly escalated.
“They sued us for breaking our contract and then they pulled my passport so I couldn’t leave the country,” Robert Carr said.
Carr might still be there if it hadn’t been for the help of a former acquaintance and important Australian diplomat. The Australian’s interest in the injustice at first and then later the technology of Carr’s patents on the IWA, combined with increasing interest from the U.S. consulate, brought about a settlement of the lawsuit in China that had threatened the ownership of the technology

Returning home on July 23, Robert Carr said although very tired, he is more excited now than ever for the future of his technology.
“We have three RC planes now,” he said. “One of them is in production and can be purchased on our Web site at www.sharkjawtoys.com. The other two are in production and will be available later this year.”
The current RC product line includes the Viper hobby plane, the Tiger Shark hobby plane and the Tiger Cub toy plane, Brewer said.
The company is in negotiations with the Australian government to create a manned aircraft and an unmanned drone that could be used for farming and fire suppression.
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