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Race Riots

Well here we go again, more rioting in another city, this time in Baltimore. The claims are that this is due to police brutality by white police against black residents. The statistic you'll never hear from the mainstream news though is the fact that more whites are killed in the US by police than blacks. Strange how the whites killed by police never makes the news.

I blame all this hysteria on two things:

1) The liberal biased mainstream news media (CNN, MSN). Every time one of the stories in question comes into light, it starts off with "a black man killed by a white cop". Why is this? Because it sells. Bringing attention to every incident where a black person is killed by a white cop does nothing but incite hate and unrest, especially when it is never mentioned when a white person is killed by police (which happens more often).

2) An uninformed public that believes everything the media throws at them. All major news cindicates are biased in one way or another (MSN, CNN, Fox). Personally I watch them all and make my own conclusons. You'll learn a lot of facts from Fox that CNN & MSN won't go near with a ten foot pole, but let's face it, they can be a bit over the top with their agenda. CNN & MSN will give you dirt on the republican side FOX won't go near, but they seem to be infatuated with Kim Kardashian and feel the need to tell us every time she farts, and they don't always tell the whole story on political events.

About a week ago, a white man in Baltimore tried to break up a fight in front of his home. The fight was between two black girls and surrounded by a large group of other black youths. When he tried to intervene, he was attacked by the entire mob and severely beaten. He has many broken bones, blood clots in his brain, countless stitches and lost so much blood they had to do a transfusion and induce a coma. The last I heard he was in critical condition. If he survives, I would be willing to bet he'll suffer from permanent brain damage. This man's life has probably changed for the worse forever. This never made national news and there was no mention of a hate crime. I wonder how that would have turned out if the roles were reversed?

The current administration and the media have stirred the racism pot in such a way that's it's gone backwards to where it was decades ago. Unfortunately I see no light at the end of the tunnel.
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