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FlyingGiants Joe Nall 2017 Videos!

Even in video format you can't really wrap you head around the hugeness of Joe Nall, but it's a great way to try!


Nall on Video!

Man there is so much going on at Joe Nall it's hard to decide what to focus on. If you are on one flight line you are missing something on another! It's a good thing FlyingGiants and RCGroups had myself, Jason Cole, Matt Gunn, Nik Zinsli, Mean Joe and Miss Ashley running and gunning!

In this thread I'll be dropping videos from Joe Nall 2017!

Thursday Noon Demos at Joe Nall 2017 (45 min 35 sec)

Joe Nall 2017 First Timers Thoughts (8 min 12 sec)

Joe Nall Noon Demo Show Highlights 2017 (3 min 32 sec)

Joe Nall Sky Baby - Watch this monster RC plane actually fly! (4 min 23 sec)

Horizon Hobby Booth Tour - Nall 2017 (13 min 39 sec)

Grupp Van's RV-4 ARF - Joe Nall 2017 (7 min 1 sec)

Thursday Noon Demos at Joe Nall 2017 (45 min 35 sec)

Sunday at the Main Line - Joe Nall 2017 (18 min 24 sec)

Monday Night at the 3D Line - FlyingGiants Video (22 min 5 sec)

Joe Nall 2017 - Flying (with) Giants (3 min 12 sec)

Revolution Kites at Joe Nall (3 min 57 sec)

Joe Nall Horizon Hobby Electric Line and More (0 min 48 sec)

Horizon Hobby RV-4 ARF at Joe Nall (3 min 43 sec)

HobbyKing at Joe Nall 2017 (2 min 54 sec)

Joe Nall 2017 Drone and FPV Line (6 min 27 sec)

If you have a Youtube video be sure to add it to the thread. We all want to check it out!!

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