Booma RC - Smooth Flite Product Release

This unit features auto gain control in a 26 channel gyro power expander sweeping the Giant model and Jet RC industry.


Smooth Flite Product release

From Booma RC

Advance Radio is sweeping the RC industry with its new 26 channel gyro system. The Smooth Flite system incorporates a unique, auto gain control gyro and built-in nine-channel gear sequencer. Released November 2018 the Smooth Flite system has made a huge global impact with strongholds in the USA, Australia, Asia, South American and Europe. Designed with a focus on giant scale and turbines the key features that make the Smooth Flite so incredible are its easy of set up, “With Smooth Flite we were able to setup 3 separate models from scratch in under two hours and flew them that afternoon with full channel routing and gyro assistance.” Jeannot Jetpower 2019.

The auto gain feature and uniqueVSmooth Flite Gyro, “The smooth flight integrated gyro has been the best I have ever used. Its in its own class.” Kris Gunter F22 Raptor Florida Jets 2019. As well as built in sequencer. The Smoothflite allows the user to group as many servos to any radio input channel as they wish with the simple touch of a button.

Smooth Flite RRS Out Now!! (0 min 49 sec)

The Smooth flite is available in two versions, the ARXL version (green) which covers all radio brandsalso comes in a Spektrum Specific version which includes all of the same features and is designed for the Spektrum satellites. Both Units retail for 445.00 with built-in sequencer and gyro.


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