Extreme Flight Virtual FunFly!

Join fellow FG users on our virtual RC field. This one is sponsored by Extreme Flight RC!


Fly With Your Friends - Virtually!!

In these intense times, I keep looking for things that I can do to make things more fun. This is an idea I have been thinking about and decided it was time to just make it happen. I will provide you with links for the field, links for additional planes to download and more!

The Extreme Flight Virtual Field and Fly-in

I was supposed to be on the grass with Chris and Team Extreme twice so far this year but of course, all of that was canceled. With that in mind, I spend a few days creating a custom field. I also was on the phone with the Team Extreme RealFlight master (and RCGroups user) Doc Austin. The field has a custom layout, banners and more! Doc is going to suggest some Extreme Flight based planes to download and fly.

What You Need

You do need a RealFlight (version 7 - 9) on your computer to fly with everyone. I know many of you already have this. If you want to learn more about RealFlight go check out my interview. This gives you an overview and links to the product. !

  • Log into RealFlight and look for the Official RCGroups Virtual Fly-in.
  • The password is "terry"
  • You can download the custom RCG field and custom Extreme Flight planes below.

Stuff You Need to Download!!!

How to import your plane files.

  • Go to the links above and download the scheme and plane files (I saved mine to my download folder).
  • Go into the RealFlight application and click "Simulation" - "Import" - "RealFlight Archive" and find your file in your download folder.
  • After you have done that go to RealFlight "Aircraft" "Custom Aircraft" and find your new planes!
  • The EF trim scheme was auto-applied to mine. If it isn't going to "Aircraft" "Select Color Scheme" to find the new one.

How to import your airport.

  • Go to "Simulation" "Import" "RealFlight Archive" and find your file.
  • You can then go to "Environment" "Select Airport..." to pick the new airport.

Let's Fly!

We look forward to seeing you there. Post any questions in the thread!

Notes on Trolls

If you get a guy smoking out the field or flying a huge plane you can do a few things:

  • Hide that user
  • Turn off particles - "View" "Scenery" "Particles"

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