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Re: Hobby Lobby SU-34 Video Build Thread

Craven thanks for saving me a bunch of money!
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Re: Hobby Lobby SU-34 Video Build Thread

Originally Posted by Craven View Post
I just tell it how it is and pull no punches. The problem as I see it is, if they'd just spend a few more bucks they'd have a ton more buyers. I know they're just buying what China puts out. So what! Don't sell that crap. Make the Chinese improve their products. Period the end. We don't want to buy crap from the dollar store. We want quality. Repeat business is what keeps this hobby going. Just ask the major retailers like Horizon, Great Planes, Extreme Flight and others. Good quality products along with great customer service, equals life time customers.
Hello everyone,
I am new to your website; I did some research into hot looking EDF foam jets, and sad to say "hot looking seems to = banana hobby = buyer beware !" so I actually cancelled my order from them; Hobby Lobby is somewhat of a trusted site Not as well perhaps as Horizon Hobby which I help turn to an empire (just kidding) with all the money I spent there....mainly on super well built Hanger 9 products and decent built Park zone, etc.; anyways, I have a Su 34 from Hobby Lobby in the mail as of today, and it is a shame that the servos and the landing gear will be of poor quality....I can handle changing the servos to MG (standard procedure for me) but the landing gear dickering is I am sure well beyond my expertise; I can however, cross my fingers and try to not fly in x-winds and give it my smoothest landing possible to save the bird legs; now thanks for reading this far, I would like to share with you a more constructive thought than the first paragraph I just finished writing; a buddy of mine purchased the Habu PNP I helped him get it flight ready and maiden flight it for him and PAOWWWW !!! what a bird ! the Habu is the reason I am chasing EDFs with a passion...I do not want to buy a Habu cause "we" already have one...but folks I was sweating bullets for weeks thinking of the day I would to have maiden someone else's EDF jet....BUT, it was one the most relaxing flights ever; the politest bird I have come across...it is a beast with class and manners in every way; I know I may get raped by crappy cheezball edfs, but: heck bring it on....however, for those of you who want a SAFE HOT looking EDF jet which is :

1. Large and visible (looks yellow on top from distance, and dark bottom)
2. No bad habits, super easy to fly (for me, an OK pilot)
3. quality with several MG servos (except aileron, but you can pilot well with rudder in emergency I guess)
4. added Rudder control for long takeoff rolls and precision landings yaw
5. big canopy for larger batteries
6. about 3lbs for solid flight in wind

I have not found another well rounded jet quite like it;
Is Hobby-Lobby Su-34 jets better looking , YES
Is BANANA Hobby jets better looking than better looking, YES
Am I about to get spanked for buying a junky jet: Maybe, probably.
But for those who value their money more than I and want to play it safe, you have my recommendation with the Habu.

Take care guys, and you certainly hit the nail on the head by pointing out that quality products and customer service = customer for life. Hey, China economy maybe doing well but WE STILL GOT MONEY HERE ! too and we are looking for QUALITY ABOVE ALL !!!

I look forward to interacting with you all,
I have several nitro planes, with two electric align choppers, and build custom fast foam strykers; I am an OK pilot and decent builder; hope to learn from everyone here,

take care,

MOTO: "I don't care how fast my Stryker flies, as long as it flies 110 miles an hour, a 110 times."
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